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Dallas Vacation

Last weekend, we took a mini family vacation to Dallas. Brandon had a MD appt on Monday, so I took Mon & Tues off to and we went down on Saturday for some fun! We stopped at the Man Malls of course (Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas) and also went to a couple of malls. At the Grapevine Mills, they had this store that was just a play area for kids! It was cool! They had some bigger Thomas trains that the kids could ride on and a big play area with a jungle gym and slides and stuff. Carter had a ball! Brandon and I took a nice long break and just sat and watched him. I was so mad I didn't bring my camera in the mall that 1 time! There was just not much room under the stroller and I didn't want to mess with it. Shows me, huh!?! Sunday we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. It is in downtown Dallas, and we drove right passed it looking for it. We ended up down by Fairpark and in the G-H-E-T-T-O! But, we eventually found it just as they were opening! It was really neat, so here are some pics.

This bird was just hanging out on a rope. I was literally less than 1 foot from him and he totally didn't care! I think it is a cool picture. What do you think? Should I give this photography thing a go? lol

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