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Christmas 2007

Christmas was great! My mom , grandma, brother & his girlfiend cam over and ate dinner Christmas eve. The turkey turned out good. Brandon read somewhere to cook the turkey upside down to make it juicier, but we had already put it in the oven. When we took it out, we realized we had cooked it upside down anyway! Without even knowing it! Oh well, it was good for our first try. Carter loved his gifts that night and from Santa the next morning.

Carter discovered how to throw things that morning. Some of his toys have little balls and he will now pick one up and wave his arm up and down (like he is winding up or something) and then let it go. No telling where it will go either! We will have Christmas with Brandon's family this weekend. So I'll have more pics from that too! (The last pic was on Christmas eve and I just think it is too cute! He got that gift for his birthday though.)

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AnnaYoung December 28, 2007 at 8:06 PM  

I can't click on that last picture to enlarge it : ( but I can still tell that's the "Bounce and Spin Zebra"! Hahahaha, man, the things I know after working in a toy store for 2 months! Hahahaha--Looks like you guys had a nice Christmas!