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Rommel Dog

I'm such a goof ball. I forgot to talk about our Weimeraner dog, Rommel. He is 6 years old now (I think) and has many nick names...Rom, Rom Dog, Bird Dog, BD to name a few. He stayed with our friends Dawn and Jeff last week while we were in between houses and apparently was a great source of laughter for them!We have become used to this stuff, but it's actually pretty funny when you think about it.

Rommel likes to suck on his pillow. He has done this since we got him when he was six months old. At first I thought he was tearing the pillow up, but then I realized he was sucking on it. We think that the reason that he does this has something to do with him being weaned from his mother to early. There used to be a tv show on the Animal Planet that had vet's answering questions from people. Dick Clark was on there and had a weim that did the exact same thing! So maybe it is a breed thing.

Dawn and Jeff coined the phrase "Weimeraner greeting." This refers to Rom sticking his nose anywhere below the waist as a greeting. I know it is embarrassing to people, but, he really doesn't discriminate. He does it to everyone. He even does it to me when I change pants. I guess he wants to still make sure it's me or something????

He is a sucker for belly rubs. All you have to do is start petting him in any way and he will roll over on his back with his feet in the air ready for a belly rub!

He likes to put his stuffed animals in his mouth and throw them around, in essence "killing them." And sometimes in doing this, the stuffed animal goes flying across the room and he sprints over there I'm sure thinking "You're not getting away from me sucka!"

He will eat just about anything. Even non-food items. When we first got him, he chewed a hold in the siding in Brandon's old house. Separation Anxiety I'm guessing. But, he did seem to like eating the wood. He even got a piece lodged horizontally on the roof of his mouth. That was fun getting out. He has eaten towels, all kinds of paper (especially paper towels and tissues, and even an SOS pad. Didn't even phase him. The one thing that we have found that he will not touch is some little liver flavored treats that Dawn and Jeff had. Go figure!

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