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Finally...some good stuff!

This weekend seems to be a turn in the right direction for me. Saturday, I went to exchange the shoes that Brandon bought for me. They were a 1/2 size to small. The girls at the counter said, "I'm sorry, we don't do exchanges for shoes." Excuse me?!? After much arguing about there being no signs anywhere or anything on the receipt about a "no shoe exchange policy," only a "14 day exchange policy," the snot nose little brats still would not give me a friggin size 8 pair. So, leaving there very upset, I called the store to see when the manager would be there so she could get a piece of my mind. I had it all planned out what I would say if she still would not let me exchange them. I was going to tell her that I would call the credit card company and dispute the charges because that was not right, and that my husband was the UPS driver for the base and surrounding area and I would have him tell everyone that he delivered to not to shop there. Hmmph. However, about an hour after getting her name and when she would be there, I got a phone call back from the shop saying that they would make an exception and take the shoes back! Hallelujah!Hallelujah! So I treked back to the store and got the correct size. And want to know their reasoning behind this? Because they had been having people return shoes that were all nasty and had been worn. I told them that it's pretty much a policy with all stores that you don't return shoes that are worn. DUH!! But then I guess you have to have 1/2 a brain to figure that out.

So, next good thing that happened. Sunday the phone guy came to the house to fix the phones. Turns out that the jack in our kitchen was bad and the line that has a "T" next to it in the room where the computer is hooked up is not a telephone jack. It's some sort of connection to a network that they had hooked up in the attic. Whatever. So, I figured this guy was going to charge me out the wazoo to fix this for me. What did he do? He says, "Well, I can put a new jack in for you in about 10 minutes and I think there is a quick fix for the computer connection. But, if anyone from AT&T asks, I just came out here and everything was fine, ok?" Yes, he fixed the stuff for free! He said he felt bad because we had just moved in and it wasn't our fault. I'm glad there are still some nice people out there these days.

This morning, Brandon called! I hadn't talked to him since Friday, so I was very glad to hear from him. He said he had shot at a cow elk (female) yesterday but missed cause she was about 60 yards away from him. And he saw a mama bear and two cubs. But they were going away from him, so he just froze and started backing up. And took the safety off of his pistol. Thank God he has that with him. Bad news is that the GPS I bought him for Christmas is not picking up Satellite connection there. Guess we'll have to take it back. Unless Walmart has some sort of "No Exchange on GPS policy" that I'm unaware of. :)

This evening, my little man took two steps! I'm not sure if this really counts as walking, but I swear the kid will be running circles around me in a couple of weeks. And then, I gave him a bath tonight, and......no crying! Woohoo! I guess that was just a little phase or something. But I sure am glad it's over. It was such a drag to try to wash him while he was screaming his head off and trying to stand up and get out of the tub.

Last good thing that happened...the lady at Weight Watchers asked if there was anything they could do to help me. I've been the same weight for 3 weeks now. Not to mention I've gained and lost the same 3-4 pounds for about 4 months now?!? I think when she asked me that, I finally snapped out of it. I haven't been trying at all. But that all is about to change. I actually took Rommel and Carter on a jog around the neighborhood tonight! I had been told that two times around our neighborhood is one mile. And I made it. Barely. I'm hoping it was the fact that I was pushing a 21lb baby in a stroller and trying to keep the dog from running into the stroller that made it so hard. But, I think I'm starting to feel the soreness set in. Oh well, feels good!

I was going to post some pictures tonight, but I guess I left my USB cord to the camera at work. I'll grab it tomorrow and try to post some tomorrow. TaTa For NoW!

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KT August 28, 2007 at 7:10 AM  

Yessss! Way to go!!! I'm so proud of you for running last night!! I'm even more proud that you took Carter AND Rommel....no easy feat I'm sure!
And you forgot to mention the phone guy was T-totally H-O-T-T :)