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Could the Weekend Get Any Worse?

I hate unpacking. I hate it more than packing. I think it is because I have to find new places to put everything. However, I would not categorize this past weekend as the worst weekend of my life for because of unpacking.

Saturday morning, I had changed Carter on his changing table and turned to put the diaper in the diaper genie. I thought Brandon was right beside me, but he was 2 or 3 feet away. The next thing I new Carter was going off the back of the changing table head first. We frantically rushed him to the doctor and thankfully nothing was wrong. But, I was a basketcase. That was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.

Yesterday, I got a $500 electric bill. I called the electric company and got a weird lady that wanted me to fax over a copy of my social security card to verify that it was me that she was talking to. Excuse me?!? Why would she need to know this? So I hung up, freaked out for a little while, and then called back and spoke to a very nice lady. She proceeded to tell me that there was an amount of $451 that was transferred from another account with another person's name and address. But that they were using my social security number. WHAT?!? How did this happen? Of course, she did not know. But she graciously took the $451 off of our account. And she gave me the person's name and address (in Dallas) that is supposedly using my SS#. I have put a fraud alert on my credit, filed a police report, and filed a report with the FTC. Thankfully, I don't think this person has any of my other information (bank accounts, credit cards, name, etc). Which makes me think that they are just randomly picking social security numbers to use. I have no idea how they would have got mine otherwise.

I also found out that my grandmother passed away Sunday night. She and my dad had just come over to see the new house on Saturday, so I guess it is good that she got to see Carter. Why is it when someone passes away, you think, "Wait, I just saw them?!?"

I am hoping and praying with all my might, that I will get a call from the detective telling me that the other person did not steal my social security number. That it was an error made by TXU and someone just keyed in the wrong information. But that would be too easy, right?

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