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Happy 3rd Birthday Carter

We combined Carter's party this year with another UPS driver's little boy (Xander)who turned 3 two days before Carter. We were going to go to Jump for Joy but they were full, so ChuckeCheese it was! Let me tell you, if you ever decide to have a "combined" party (unless you have twins), don't do it! It was fun, but I ended up doing ALL of the work! And I do mean ALL! Anyway, Carter had a good time playing, but he did not like Chucke! I can't believe he is already 3. Wow, time flies. Brandon also took him on his first deer hunt after the party. I'll post those pics in a separate post though. Here is the party!!

Here is my mom and grandma.

My dad and brother.

He sure loved this basketball game!

This is Carter and Xander blowing out their candles. Carter got mad because Xander blew out "his" candles, so we had to relight them again!

And as you can tell, he is not happy about this pose!!

I just love his expression here.

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