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National Wild Turkey Federation Hunt

Last year, the National Wild Turkey Federation held the first annual "Jakes Hunt" in Joy, Texas. (Brandon is the Vice President of the local chapter). I can't beleive it's been a year already! This year, there is a fairly new Hunting Lodge in Bellevue, Tx that volunteered their lodge and hunting grounds. It is called Bucks & Ducks. It was great because they were able to accomodate more kids (12 I think!) and one or both parents got to stay with them and go on the hunt. This weekend is sponsered for kids that do not have the opportunity to hunt normally. This could be for any reason - disability, parent(s) deployed, financial difficulty - whatever. It was great to meet all of the family's and I know the kids had a blast. What is funny is that all of the girl hunters harvested deer (and 1 hog) and I don't think any boys did! Also, one of the kids that hunted last year, Caleb, stopped by to say hello. He had bone cancer last year and now is Cancer free! I almost didn't recognize him - he'd grown so much! The hunting lodge was awesome too! Oh, and I also shot a bow for the first time! I missed the target one time, but I hit it the other time. I was surprised I hit it. There are several group pictures below because I couldn't get everyone in one shot - there was a truck in the way.

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