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Quick Update

Good News! My dad (and new stepmom) bought us a meat package for Christmas and didn't have enough freezer space, so they gave it to us early. Wow! We won't have to buy any meat for a while! I'm talking steaks, hamburger meat, chicken, you name it! That will save us some money for sure! And I don't think that I blogged about it before, but my dad had another small stroke last weekend. He is doing better now. He was in the hospital for about a week trying to get his blood pressure stabilized, but now he is at a rehab center. He was able to walk, but his legs are kind of weak, so they are going to give him PT to make them stonger. I'll let you guys know of any changes! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! (Oh and 1 more thing - I've been wanting to take Christmas/Birthday pictures of Carter, but the portrait studios are soooo expensive and we just dont have the money - but a girl at work says she'll take them for $25 and just give us a disc of all the pics so we can make our own copies! YAY!!!)

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