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Happy Halloween Elmo!

This year we took Carter trick-or-treating with some friends who have a son the same age as Carter. Carter went as Elmo and Xander went as a monkey. They also have a 6 week old baby girl who was a banana! Carter really like walking around and seeing all the neat stuff! He kept saying "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!"

Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I thought that you were only supposed to go up to houses who had their porch lights on. We decided to eat dinner before we went out and kids kept coming up to our door and the porch light was not on! And their parents were right there! I was like "Just cause we are inside with the lights on doesn't mean we are handing out candy!" Not to mention that the started at like 6pm, waaaayyy before it was even starting to get dark!

Oh well, here are some pics. I tried to get them to stand together to look at the camera but it never would work out. And I have no idea why I'm making that face. I think I was about to say something! :D

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