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Mother's Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend, one of those where you just go, go, go and feel like you don't have time to relax! Friday night, I got a REAL JOGGING Stroller for Mother's day. It even says it is a Jogging stroller on the box!! (And we have tested it and it's all good!) Great Mother's day gift!! And when Brandon got home he gave Carter his card to give to me and he brought it over to me!! It was so sweet. And of course those cards always make me cry. Saturday morning, Brandon's mom came over and we went to eat breakfast at Sevi's. YUMMMMMMMY!! Then I got a haircut and met back up with them and ran errands. Then we did housework and yardwork that afternoon. We took my mom and grandma to eat at the Cotton Patch cafe on Saturday night for a Mother's day meal. Sunday we drove to Joy for lunch and then came back here for dinner at my grandma's. Whew!

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