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Fort Worth Zoo

Last week, Brandon and I took a few days off. We decided to take Carter to the Fort Worth Zoo. We went down Wednesday and spend the night so that we could get to the zoo when they opened, and before it got hot. We made the mistake of picking a day when a bunch of schools decided to go on field trips to the zoo too! The only bad thing about all the kids is that of course they tried to keep them all together, but they were soooooo loud! Any time they saw animals they screamed with joy (which I'm sure annoyed the animals too). Carter acted sort of uninterested for the first part, but he was in his stroller, so I'm not sure he could see all of the animals that well. So, we let him walk/run the 2nd half (holding his hand of course - which he hates)and we think he could see more of the animals. There were some bear cubs play fighting that he really liked too. Here are lots of pictures!

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AnnaYoung May 30, 2008 at 12:05 PM  

Look how big hee is! Yeah, and I hate those giant field trips too. . . you can't escape them.

Why DO they all shout at once like that? I never understood.