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High School Reunion

Wow - I'm old. I went to my high school reunion this weekend and all I can say is that it was weird. I know most of you that read this will not know who any of my classmates were - in fact - Kat - if you read this you may be the only one!. Oh well, I'm gonna blog about it anyway! The festivities actually lasted all weekend - Friday pep rally, school tour, tail gate party, and the big Rider vs. Old High game. Then Saturday they had a family picnic and then the dinner/dance that night at the Hamilton Building Ballroom. Some friends and I decided to go to the dinner/dance thing. I really didn't want to spend the whole weekend doing reunion stuff!

So we get to the building and the weirdness starts. When we walk in it is like going back in time. Not many people have changed so much that you can't recognize them in 10 years, so it's easy to recognize people right off the bat. I first see Kelly Atkins, who is dressed in a floor length formal gown, and think that I'm A)short B)fat and C) underdressed. But that stopped as soon as I see our illustrious class president (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent). I'll describe his appearance from top to bottom. First - he has a mullet and the front is fashioned into a "faux - hawk." And a little mustache. He is dressed in this weird crochet looking poncho thing that is very long. And he had leggings/tights on that look like sweater material and bright red patent leather shoes on that looked like Elf shoes. Not to say that any of this is bad, but it is sooooo far from his high school days - and from Wichita Falls for that matter!

So we proceed into the room and get some food - On the Border catered - it was ok. I understand having people pay for alcholic drinks - but water?!? Come on!! So the girls and I sit at a table that was right by the door, so we got to see people right as they were coming in. And every time we saw someone - it was like "Oh my gosh!!! I forgot I went to school with them!" Not like I forgot they existed, but when your in school, you see those people every day for so long. And then you don't see them for 10 years - it's like woah! We voted on who was the least changed and most changed - of course the class pres got mosted changed and Amanda Zamora got least changed. We all thought for sure Carol Bearden would win least changed. She said she even still uses the same makeup! Lol. Another thing I noticed - people were still in the same clicks for the most part.

Over all I would say it was not worth the $35. I understand that the money went to the food, the facility, the decor, and the DJ. But - if you didn't get there right when it started, the food was gone, the facility was nice, the decor was ok, and the DJ turned up the music so loud we were all screaming at each other. And no one danced - everyone basically just wanted to talk and catch up with each other, but had to scream to do so! My mom asked me if there were any class mates that had passed away. I said I only knew of 2. She said "They didn't make a program or anything to tell about people?" I said no - and our only keepsakes were those little plastic cups. I didn't even take mine. Hopefully our 20 year will be better!

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KT November 16, 2007 at 4:23 PM  

HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!! That is why I do not attend reunions!!! Sounds like your class pres' totally ROCKED in that ensemble and hair!!!

AnnaYoung November 18, 2007 at 9:29 AM  

Patenet leather elf shoes? TELL me you got a picture!!

And touche LAPEtersen, you're keepsake is now this blog posting! fresh from memory, forever encapsulated on the world wide web (unless you decided to delete it of course :)