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Summer 2011

So what have we been doing this summer?

Well, last month, we went on vacation to Dallas. Of course, we had to visit the man mall (Cabelas). We lucked out, because they were having a special kids day with tons of free stuff to do! Best of all was the fishing pond!

That night, we went to an FC Dallas game. Carter liked the soccer, but did not like the fireworks!

The next day, we went to Gatti town. If you have not taken your kids there, you should! It is like ChuckECheese x 10! They have a pizza buffet and then a game room - only the games are awesome!! They had regular video games, but also bumper cars, a midway, a mini-conquistador, a carousel, a mini-bowling alley and much more!

Our last stop was the Ranger game. It was lots of fun!!

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