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Whitfield Family

I've been sitting here for a while now trying to figure out what to say about the Whitfields. This family has become so near and dear to our hearts the past couple of years, that it's hard to put into words how much we love and appreciate them! I know that whatever I type won't do them justice! They are some of the funniest-craziest-sweetest-seriously do anything for you-Jesus lovin people in the world! I just love being around them and I'm proud to call them some of our best friends.

So a couple of weeks ago, we met up at a top secret undisclosed location (hehe) for some family fun and photos. I tried a few different things with these, so feedback would be appreciated! Hope you like them :D

Ronnie, Ashley, Emma, Jude, and Ezra - can't wait to see where this crazy Onelife journey leads us all! So glad to be on it with you! Much love from the Petersens!


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