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Holiday Festivities 2010

2010's Holiday Festivities started off with a bang! First I got to go with Carter's class to the Kell House Museum. I remember doing this when I was a kid! It's changed some since then, but still good.

First it was Christmas story time...

Then a story from Santa. One little boy was so cute - he kept raising his hand and asking Santa questions like "Where are your reindeer?"

Then on to decorate a cookie...and eat it of course. 

And finally decorating an ornament!

The next night, we were invited on a carriage ride to look at Christmas lights with Ashley & Jude Whitfield and Ashley's mom Kathy. Little Miss Ezra was sick, so we filled in. It was SO FUN!! Thank you so much for inviting us!!

Here are some of the lights we saw. Of course Carter was more concerned with the cars driving around us and the garage doors on the houses. We were looking at these pictures and he even asked me where the pictures of the garages were. Guess I need to start taking pictures of those too! lol!

 I was totally surprised at the end of the ride when Carter said he wanted to drive the carriage. He drove it around the parking lot with Les the driver and Sally the horse. Jude helped and grandma Kathy supervised.

Thanks again guys! Had a blast :D

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