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LeslieP Photography!!!

I'm so excited to start this new venture. A disclaimer though - I know I'm not the best photographer in the world. Nor do I claim to be a professional.  But I feel like I have literally been learning more and more every day about photography for over a year now and I can really see a progression myself. I also make it a point to continually learn daily. Plus I love it!!

A few things happened that prompted me to launch this business. I had been thinking/praying about this for a while. So many questions swirled through my brain -  When should I do this? Should I even do it? Am I good enough? Who in their right mind would pay me to take their pictures? But, then I should get paid, shouldn't I? Don't I need to take more classes? Be more creative? yada, yada, yada.

So over July 4th weekend, a couple of things happened. We came home from Old Pa's birthday party (see below) to find that our AC was out. What a pain in the booty this has been. We didn't know where we would get the money to fix this. We pretty much needed a whole new AC/heating unit. So I had an inkling that this would be a way for me to make some extra money. Also that same weekend, I learned that I won a contest I had entered for a new free blog design from Kenzie at Cute Links For You. Awesome! I never win anything! So this was also a sign to me that this would be a good time. Please check  out Kenzie's site for lots of cute blog tips and designs! She is amazing!

(I will be updating some of the sidebar items and the link bar across the top. I'm also going to try to blog more often. Shooting for daily, but we'll see! So please check back for those updates.)

So, for a photography session, I will charge $75. This will include the session (as long as you want~ outfit changes, locations), and  a CD with ALL (unless eyes are closed or something) of the images (edited) from the session. A Photographer release will be included so you can print them out wherever. I am still a working gal, so sessions will need to be scheduled in the evenings or on weekends. If you are interested, please send me an email at peteyles@yahoo.com. Please, spread the word!!

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