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4th of july

The weekend of the 4th there is always a birthday party for Brandon's grandpa. This year it was extra special because Old Pa (as Carter calls him) was in a serious accident in May. The day we went to Arbuckle wilderness, Old Pa was up on the roof of his barn fixing it. I know - most people say "what was he doing on the roof!?!?!" But he is one of those stubborn guys who wants to keep doing everything himself! Pa ended up fracturing some vertebrae and some ribs. He was in ICU for a while and then finally a regular room for a few weeks. We are so thankful everything turned out okay!! It was a great party as usual ~ lots of food, family, friends, and fun! (That is becoming a running theme, lol!!)

Grammy fixing Parker's hair.

Barbara & Wayne Love and Uncle Clay (aka Uncle Buck)

Aunt Leota and Uncle Hoyt. They are so sweet ;-)

Chow time!!

Allison and her Daddy Phil. She is such a cute sweet little girl. I get to take family pics of them soon!!  

My Father-in-Law Sam. He is an amazing guy and great singer!

3 generations~ Uncle Clay, Clinton (Brandon's brother), and Old Pa.

I thought this picture was pretty cool with the cowboy, the sign, the flag~especially on the 4th! (maybe it's just me-lol!)

Happy Birthday Old Pa! And Happy Birthday America!!

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McGaha's July 15, 2010 at 8:37 PM  

leslie..I need a lesson. how do you get your pics so big? How do you put a signature on the end of each blog? How did you change the font on the title?