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Vegas Baby

Brandon and I went to Vegas a few weeks ago for our first vacation since our honeymoon! He had not been there since he was a kid and I had never been. And that place is just....wow, crazy. It is a neat place to visit every now and then, but definitely not somewhere I would want to go often. We got there at about 7pm on Tues night and it was 98 degrees when we landed! Whew! Hotter than in Texas lol! We stayed at Ny, NY which was pretty neat. It is huge - just like all of the other hotels along the strip. Some of the staff there was not so friendly though, so we probably won't stay there again if we ever go back. The first night we just stayed there an played some slot machines and did not do very good!

The next morning, we got sucked into the Timeshare schpeel. Yes, we did it. I know, we are suckers! But, hey, the room was full of suckers! Plus we got freebies, so that is all that counts. It was a nice place, but those people are like used car salesman. And the guy seemed really mad that we didn't want to buy! So after that, we took the mono-rail up to Circus Circus. Brandon stayed there as a kid and wanted to see if it was the same - and it was! lol. So then we decided to walk down the strip. I read online it is only 4 miles, but OMG, it seems like 40. We went in and out of some of the hotels along the way and looked at all the sites and finally got back to our hotel around 11pm. We were exhausted!

The next day we slept a little later and then went souvenier hunting and went downtown to the Fremont Street experience. We hung around down there until dark so we could see the light show and then headed back up to the strip and just hung out and walked around. We left the next morning.

The only thing we didn't get to do that would have been fun would be to see Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. We didn't see any shows either. I saw that Wayne Brady was there - I would have loved to see him. Other than that, it was pretty neat! I was not prepared for some stuff though - 1) The rudeness of people. I guess it is only in the south that people hold doors for others and say "thank you" when doors are held for them. 2)The amount of people trying to give you stuff and ask you to do things. If you tell them you are leaving 'tonight or tomorrow', they leave you alone, but SHEESH! I SAID NO THE FIRST TIME! Oh, and don't ever buy a time share from Consolidated Resorts - found some bad stuff online about them. 3) Buffets are not cheap there! What happened to $1.99 bufetts? $25 per person at the Paris Buffett dinner - granted they did have everything you coud think of to eat. But we paid $12 per person on Fremont street for a dinner buffet - less to choose from, but the food was better. 4) The "Clickers"- There are these people (guys & girls) that stand out on the strip trying to hand people these cards (a little bigger than business cards) with prostitutes on them! I never saw anyone take any, but they are all over the ground in some places. They call them "clickers" because they stand there and flip those cards back and forth and they click trying to get your attention. 5) The number of people who take their children there. There was not much for kids to do from what I saw (other than arcades). I just wouldn't think they would have much fun, but I could be wrong. Maybe shows?

Oh, I almost forgot. One awesome thing that did happen. When we got to DFW for our flight out to LV, the lady changed our seats to an exit row so Brandon could have more leg room. Awesome. But then right before boarding, they called us up to the desk and said "Well, your seats are broken, so here you go. " And handed us two First Class Boarding Passes. NO WAY! TOTALLY AWESOME!! Neither of us had ever flown first class, so it was great! I think it really eased Brandon's nerves too. He HATES to fly.

So anyway, here are some pics :-)

In front of Treasure Island

I thought this motorcyle was cool. Can't remember where it was though.

At Circus Circus...biggest slot machine ever! Didn't work though.

View of our hotel from across the street.

View from outside our hotel on the bridge to MGM of the strip.

The Statue of Liberty in front of our hotel.

View from our room at night. Great view! But we heard a lot of noise from the strip. Ambulance's all night long. :(

Bellagio fountains - we stood over there and waited for them and they cancelled due to high winds (?) and we came out of Planet Hollywood and hour later and there they were. I just took this from across the street.

Paris Hotel night & day

Fremont Street Experience

It was a 60's Summer theme downtown.

This was in front of the Statue of Liberty at our hotel. It is a tribute to the 9/11 firefighters. Awesome, but I'm not sure why blogger got it out of order.

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The Wells Family June 5, 2009 at 5:54 PM  

Vegas Baby! Yeah, I'm like you. Vegas was fun the first time but it's not for me. But at least you got to experience it!

AnnaYoung June 9, 2009 at 9:54 AM  

Cool! I'm sorry people were rude though, that sucks. But how nice to get a vacation! and First Class Tickets!! how awesome!! : )