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Ok, Ok, I know I've been a slacker when it comes to blogging. It seems like these past couple of months have flown by! Hopefully I can get everyone up to speed with what has been going on with us. I have been super duper busy at work, so this is the first chance I've had to take a little bit and write. I applied yesterday for a new position within ABB. Come April the job I currently do will pretty much cease to exist. So, please pray that I get this new one! There are 2 spots to fill and I know there are several people that will probably apply for it. Also - Good News - last Friday I just happened to look down in the carpet and there was my diamond that fell out of my wedding ring!! Bad News is that it was chipped badly. Probably from the Vaccuum cleaner or something. I did have another diamond that my grandmother gave me, so I took both up to the jeweler. They couldn't use my old one, so we used the one my grandmother gave me. I got a new setting (it's round, the old one was princess cut)with more prongs and they cleaned it up and everything so it actually looks like white gold again! It looks awesome! I'm so excited. I am going to take it back sometime soon and get it appraised so I can get in insured. Hopefully nothing like that will ever happen again, but I'll be ready if it does! Also - I've lost about 12lbs. It's hard to keep motivated though! We were on vacation last week and I just totally ate what I wanted, so I'm sure I've gained a pound or two. However, at 12lbs down, that means only 5 pounds left before ALL the baby weight is gone.

Carter is growing like a weed. He was sick with a cold a few weeks ago, but he is better now. He has started saying more and more words. His vocabulary went from less than 10 words probably to around 30 now. He can repeat a lot of the words we say, so guess we'll have to be extra careful now! lol. He now calls us Mommy and Daddy instead of Momma and Dadda. And if I leave the room, he starts saying "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?" It's cute, he has to know where I am! He also says Rommel now, but it sounds like Mommel. He looks for Rommel a lot too. He knows Cats, he says Meow when he sees one. And when he wants a snack, he'll get one of his little bowls and open the pantry and say "bowl?" or if he wants more he'll say "Mo?" He tells us Hello, Hi, and Bye too. Last night I was putting him to bed and Brandon told him goodnight and he said "Bye Bye!" lol. I've got some pics to post of him in his new boots. He saw his daddy's boots and put them on and then kept saying "Boot! Boot! Boot!" In a couple of weeks we are taking him to the Pioneer Reunion rodeo, so that should be interesting! Brandon's mom bought him a cowboy shirt, so we got him some wranglers. I can't wait to dress him up and take his picture.

Brandon has been on light duty at work for the past few weeks. He hurt his shoulder/neck lifting something. We actually are pretty certain it is a pinched nerve in his neck. One of our neighbors is a physical therapist and Brandon explained his symptoms to him and he knew exactly where it was and put his finger right where it hurts. Of course, UPS has it's own doctors that they have to go to and the guy has no clue what he is doing. He is actually a Physician's Assistant. He's not even a doctor. So finally today, they agreed that he could go get physical therapy. I hope that helps. It sucks when he works light duty because he has to work a double shift. He works 5am-9am and then 5pm-9pm. So we hardly get to see him. :( Brandon did have his 32nd Birthday on Saturday, so Happy Birthday!

I think that is pretty much it. If I think of something else, I'll post it.

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AnnaYoung September 9, 2008 at 11:47 PM  

LOVE the new blog look! : ) Awseom that you found hte diamond too! I Can't wait to see more pics of Carter!

TYler hurt his neck too. I Thought it was a pinched nerve but hte flight doc said it was whiplash (we dont' know from what though). He had a crappy schedule too becuase of it. Hopefully the PT works!

KT September 10, 2008 at 6:10 PM  

Well, it's about flippin' time you updated your blog you SLACKER!!!! Just kidding.....I've been bad too!

So glad you found your diamond....and what job did you apply for?????!!!! I want details!!!

I pinched a nerve in my neck a couple of weeks ago.....shampooing my hair of all things......NOT FUN!!!!!!!!! I couldn't move my neck for a week. Hope Brandon's is getting better.